The Librarian Dialogues


JET writes to share something and I'm not quite sure what it is. You can see it here.

JET wrote:
This is a movie that is viewable on the internet if anyone cares to take a look. I'm not able to see it so I have NO idea of what it is about, I just saw the title and thought it would be interesting to submit to

A short film by Sam Logan Khaleghi

Genre: Comedy / Short

Plot Outline: A short comical satire about a group of librarians that take their job very serious."

I tried to view it, but there doesn't seem to be anything else to view. I viewed a different short by the people the page linked to. Does anyone know anything about this?


I couldn't even look at the other work done by the editor as my work firewall blokced it for Nudity. And other links for pornography.

It's a 3 minute short that's disappeared into the ether is all I can find out.

When I clicked on one of the QuickTime Options, I saw the following message:Sunday, Feb. 20th, 2005Thankyou for all the support, we have reached over 10,000 views!As of 2pm today we have removed the test footage, and will be returning with the finished short in the upcoming months. please check out other shorts done by the editor, and host of this website at

it is now back up i see... must have been recently reposted.

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