Sandy Berger sentenced for stealing classified docs from NARA

mdoneil writes "Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor during the Clinton administration entered a plea to charges of stealing classified documents from the National Archives.

Berger must perform community service, pay a $50K fine, spend two years on probation and he has lost access to classified information for at least three years.

CNN has information."


Why would you ever again give a guy security clearance after he admits to "destroying" classified documents?

I'm not sure he'll ever get another clearance. Even duplicates of classified records have to be destroyed in a certain manner so as to assure they are not reconstructed. Scissors don't fit that bill. Incinerators, cross-hatch confetti shredders...those WORK.

Would you ever give the guy another security clearance after he secreted classified documents on his person with criminal intent to remove them from their proper repository for nefarious purposes.

The man shouldn't even be able to get a job as a McDonalds manager as that requires bonding. Why he is not in prison is beyond me.

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