MI City Council Patriot Act resolution rejected


The Grand Rapids Press Reports The City Council on Tuesday rejected a resolution expressing concern with sections of the federal Patriot Act.

The resolution was proposed by the city's Human Relations Commission and on put on the agenda Wednesday by Councilman David Hoekstra.

The council rejected the resolution 5-2, with only the 6th Ward councilman Hoekstra and Councilman At-Large Jerome Kobes voting in favor. Mayor Al McGeehan and 2nd Ward Victor Orozco were absent.


These sorts of things are essentially pointless. I really doubt our elected representatives give a whiz bang about what some city council thinks.

Some city in California (perhaps all cities) are nuclear free zones. It is just nonsense. If they are truly nuclear free then they can't have most kinds of smoke detectors, or a cure for Thyroid cancer.

They make people feel good, but is the commission's time not better spent addressing local issues and solving local problems.

I once went to a whole city commission meeting. That is why I never again ran for public office. Hours and hours of butt kissing and pontification and thirty minutes of real work.

If you like you can cut and paste this comment to the other council action discussion below this one.

Just to clarify, the city in question is Holland, MI as reported in the Grand Rapids Press.

Deb from Grand Rapids

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