Hundreds turn out for Kepler's rally


San Francisco Examiner Reports Hundreds of community members showed support for their favorite independent bookstore Tuesday, rallying in the plaza outside Kepler's Bookstore and then congregating in City Hall, where the City Council hosted an idea-gathering meeting aimed at saving the store from bankruptcy.

Kepler's closed its doors suddenly last week after 50 years of selling books on the Peninsula. The closure has sparked a wave of support from elected officials, former politicians, lawyers and literary agents, all pledging to help owner Clark Kepler reopen the store at its current El Camino Real location.


Well, since it's been where it is for 50 years, land values have probably increased and since the landlord is not willing to negotiate, sounds like he or she has plans for that land that wouldgenerate more revenues than the bookstore, say another condo or another mall, etc.It's too bad that indy owners can't get help before the doors close, but it may be that the big megachains and online book vendors are just too big to compete with. And perhaps potential investors respond initially but can't stay with it for the long haul...Are book sales enough to keep these store open ordo they need alternative libraries have...with coffeeshops, survive?

Some of your assumptions are off.

Kepler's has been in its current location for about 15 years. Its lease was last negotiated c.2000, so the payments were based on the then-current Silicon Valley boom.

After Clark Kepler announced he was closing last week, the landlord suddenly seemed willing to negotiate. Kepler's is a large and prestigious retailer. I'm not sure the landlord could get another tennant so easily.

In a press release issued Friday, the Tan Group said they "were stunned to hear that Kepler's Books had closed their doors. Contrary to the impression given by the media, on several occasions in the past we have worked closely with Clark Kepler in successfully navigating financial challenges."

Confirming meetings with Kepler, the release stated: "...We very much want to retain them ... (and) will continue our efforts to help the Kepler's legacy endure."

From 005_09_07.kepsavedmb.shtml More about potential investors in this article, too.

Blake, weren't you ever in any protests? I believe this has to be from the "Ho Ho, hey hey these books have got to stay" dept. Much better ring to it.

HA! No actually, I've never been in one before, I thought the chants always went "hey hey ho ho" but yours is much better!

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