FBI library records probe hits home


The Greenwich Time has a half way interesting look at the progress of the lawsuit after disclosures that federal agents have used the Patriot Act to try to seize users' records at a Fairfield County library."It's closer to home and it makes us stop and think and see what impact this law has on local libraries," said Gonzalez, a member of the Connecticut Library Association. "A lot of people are very concerned about it and want to know what develops out of this."Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., said it "boggles" him that librarians -- who he said normally comply with other types of law enforcement investigations -- feel the need to oppose anti-terrorism probes.Librarians interviewed said they did not know which library FBI agents approached.


"We thought this was going to be a problem and here it is a problem," Knapp said. "During the course of public debate about this, I think people used the word 'ludicrous' and 'baseless hysteria' to describe our opposition. What this really indicates is that the concerns that librarians have regarding the rights of patrons' privacy are justified."

If it turns out the suspect wasn't anything special there will be a giant shrug from most people (much like they have over the Patriot Act in general) but ALA will ratchet up its fight making it look, in fact, ludicrous. ALA loses.

If it turns out the suspect was a terrorist then even regular non-political people are going to start distrusting libraries if ALA continues its same approach to the issue (and you know they will). ALA loses.

"I think people were kind of surprised that this wasn't reported to have happened sooner, although with the gag order you never know when it may have happened or how often," Wagner said. "We're all concerned about this, obviously, because it's another affront on people's privacy."

Apparently Wagner didn't see the resolution on disinformation. Privacy doesn't apply to a public building and there shouldn't be surprise when so many libraries have been chomping at the bit to file just such a lawsuit.

"Apparently Wagner didn't see the resolution on disinformation"Have you blogged about the disinformation resolution yet? If not, where is the resolution. Thanks.-1 to ME for Offtopic

no not yet, too many parties, too much work work

Here's a link to the resolution.

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