Women's bookstores a dying breed


From AlterNet:

In 1997, 175 feminist bookstores dotted the country, but today only about 35 are still in business ...

As bookstores disappear, so do the intellectual community centers they once provided for browsing and attending talks and readings.

"There is a struggle for public space, period," says [Women & Children First owner Linda] Bubon. "It is desperately needed in a democracy."

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Apparently when all the little bookstores go away civilization will end. Although call me cuckoo but I think there might be a correlation in all the stories about the death of small bookstores and all the ones about Presidential Libraries. Another 10-15 Presidents and maybe one is trying to replace the other. Maybe its a conspiracy.

In the meantime, there's still us and last I checked there's usually more chick books then guy books and we're usually open to various discussion groups meeting here so maybe there's hope yet for all those feminists kicked to the curb.

According to the article the need for these type of stores has diminished.
"But the need that inspired the bookstores has changed. Feminism's becoming integrated with other social movements. You had to convince people before that sexual harassment was an essential concern. You don't need to do single-issue consciousness-raising anymore. It's not a bad thing if the needs have been met. They have changed mainstream publishers, distribution and people's reading habits. In that sense, it's a huge success."

Hey, you asked....

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