Aged docents unhappy they can no longer conduct Reagan library tours

Anonymous Patron writes "The Associated Press reports some volunteer docents at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library are sore - others are mad they can no longer conduct tours.

Twenty-seven docents got letters last month notifying them they've reached docent emeritus status, meaning they can no longer conduct tours. The notification comes just months before the highly anticipated opening of the new Air Force One Pavilion."


...docent emeritus status...

Wow. I say again, wow.

I've heard some real bulldrek euphemisms for "old person" in my time. Senior citizens, honoured citizens, elderly, etc. But "docent emeritus"? What an asinine phrase to describe someone who's of "retirement age" and who took good time and trouble to work for an organization. Especially when you consider that the organization is dedicated to the oldest man ever to be elected president.

It's a very diplomatic term, especially when you consider that a diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you'll look forward to the trip.

I think these folks need to go all Crimson Permanent Assurance on they ass.