Librarian Fantasy Promotes Librarian Bar

A Post From AdRants points out New York City's Library Bar created an ad that maximizes the "librarian fantasy" in a way that aligns nicely with the brand. They dressed their hot bartenders up in sexy librarian-wear to attract drooling men incapable of resistance.


I used to bartend. I like bartenders, generally. Conflating friendly service people who stand behind counters and listen with librarians doesn't bother me. I would see that as a good way of challenging the dread librarian stereotype, even if I do occasionally wear a bun. So I wasn't too unhappy until I saw the picture and the caption, Librarians: Erinn and Elizabeth. I think I'll submit it to "No Comment" at Ms. magazine.

Now a bar FOR librarians where we could enjoy a libation, good food and the viewing of "eye candy" wait-staff of either gender...that would be very nice...

Hot chicks are cool.

If I show my ALA membership card, do I get a free shot?

I live nearby this bar and have been a regular patron for many years. And yes, I DO get free drinks because I'm a librarian!The bartenders don't refer to themselves as librarians, except in this ad.--Dan

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