The Mighty Librarian


By day, Diann Smothers works as "The Mighty Librarian," a research and instruction business librarian who not only works at the reference desk in Snell Library (Northeastern University in Boston, MA), but along with 13 other research and instruction librarians, teaches 10,000 students a year. The weightlifting is a hobby for Smothers, who calls her work as a librarian her first love.
She began to cultivate her appreciation for the work of librarians while studying at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. She said she was amazed at the librarians' ability to locate information for students, no matter how abstract their query.
She said she thought to herself, "I want to know how to find the answer to everything."

By night, she assumes the identity of "The Mighty Neutron," a name she calls herself when training for strongwoman competitions. She can press 100 pounds over her head, dead lift 245 pounds and pull a dump truck weighing 25,000 to 30,000 pounds. Impressive photo and story here .


this sounds very interesting. i would've wanted to see the rest, but the link doesn't seem to be working...

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