'Charlie' the film or book -- which one is sweeter?


The LA Times asks you to read the book and see the movie, then decide if you think the movie stays true to the story told by Dahl. Do the changes work for you? Would you recommend the book to a friend? What about the movie?


I haven't seen the new version of the film. Box office numbers aside, I've heard mixed opinions about it. Hopefully, the new film isn't so bad that the first film looks bad by association. But with films based on Dahl's books, I've liked the books better.

I loved this movie as well as the older Gene Wilder one. Another librarian here liked both as well.

It is more mean than the first movie, but I like the psychedelic feel to it. Especially twisted were the dances the oompa-loompas do. While watching it I thought a lot of the movie for Pink Floyd's The Wall, which everybody says is best to see drunk or wasted.

I am going to re-read the book because I'm not sure I believe the common wisdom that this version of the movie is closer to the book than the original movie.

I never saw the Gene Wilder movie -- but I read the Dahl book and then saw the new version of the film ...

I loved the film. Absolutely love love love it. The acting was incredible, some of the lines were hilarious -- and it was _so_ wonderfully faithful to the book. Not just in plotlines (though they kept it faithful to the plot without changing anything) -- but in *tone*. Often, books that are made into films stay mostly to the plot, but can't quite match the "tone" of the original work -- but this flim doesn't have that problem.

The only way in which the film deviates from the book, really, is the extra emphasis placed on the character of Willy Wonka, explaining why he turned out the way he has -- which only adds to the story, but doesn't detract from it. The ending isn't really "changed" from the book, so much as some extra things are added into the ending before it wraps up just as the book did. So no complaints there.

It's a fantastic book ... and this new film has fantastic music, fantastic special effects, fantastic humor ... and an absolutely amazing performance by Johnny Depp. Highly recommended.

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