Response to "Bloggers Need Not Apply" from Ars Technica

Anonymous Patron writes "From Ars Technica comes another good response to the Ivan Tribble (Chronicle of Higher Education) job hunting article "Bloggers Need Not Apply."

Blogging and job prospects: from the academy to the SCOTUS
July 11, 2005 @ 4:13PM, by Hannibal

From would-be professors to nominees for high political office, the blogosphere can take a heavy toll on one's job prospects.

Update: 07/12 20:56 EST by R :LISNews friend Michael McGrorty has a good response as well over at Library Dust.

Since most librarians work in the public sector, I will stick to that arena and say that the hiring process in public agencies is generally governed by a tight set of rules as to what information can be used about a candidate and how it can be obtained. Most states have applicable privacy laws, and of course there is always that overlooked bit of paper known as the Constitution.



that you can't take it into consideration but there is also the point that if you are going to be putting your website or more especially in this case, your blog, into your cv or covering letter you are MAKING it part of the information they are going to use to make decisions.

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