Woman Uses Library Computer to Forge Government Document


Karl writes "http://www.winchestersun.com/articles/2005/07/06/l ocal_news/news03.txt

Local woman faces charges for allegedly forging letter

By Sun Staff

A Winchester woman has been cited for allegedly fabricating official documents purporting to come from the Clark County Attorney's child support office.

Sharron Kimball, 36, of 205 Whitney Court, is accused of using a computer at the Clark County Public Library to create a letterhead which she mailed to her husband. The letter, which was purportedly written by a case worker in the child support office, was addressed to Kimball's unnamed husband, who was incarcerated at the time at the Clark County Detention Center for failure to pay child support. Kimball allegedly used the phony letterhead to write her husband that she was not the one who turned him in to authorities."


If a librarian or library staff member dropped a dime on her shame on them.

If she told authorities then it is her own fault for not keeping her trap shut. If the authorities inspected the computers did they get a warrant? Why are the PATRIOT ACT opponents not up in arms about this? Were library records released without a warrant? Lets find out more about this!

Of course as a convicted forger and credit card thief she probably spilled the beans.

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