Library where you won't get fined for late books

An Anonymous Patron writes to share this article from the Islington Gazette on fines (or lack thereof) for late books.

From the article, "She added: "People feel a moral obligation to bring the books back."

Ha! - A.K.


My library doesn't charge fines either, and it's not the huge problem you might think it would be.

I've been trying for years to advocate a middle ground: charge cost recovery fees for the measures required for getting materials back on time: i.e. the cost of producing (labor and material) overdue notifications, whether that is done by email, regular mail, or phone.No library software seems to accomodate this concept, though. Sigh.

Well, I guess you'd attempt to disbelieve in Anarachist libraries as well...-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

We take in an average of $400.00 a day on fines, damage fees, and book replacements. It is a great help to our budget and with a university library, we need the patrons to get their material in on time so the next student doing the same research paper will have good access to the same resources.

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