Knowledge Management and the Corporate Librarian


Steven Bird writes in from Australia... \"Found this article that supports the changing role of librarians. We need to be proactive in playing a role in Knowledge Management. We have the necessary skills...we have been managing \"knowledge\" as a profession for hundreds of years! Now all of a sudden IT people have discovered the value of managing knowledge and act like it\'s never been done before. What do Librarians do? get back in the corner of their library and cry about how we have missed another opportunity to show our true value! \"

The article is a good read, be sure to check it out.

\"It\'s something that\'s a great opportunity at the moment for librarians and information specialists to get involved in. If they don\'t get involved, it\'s their own fault,\"\"In some cases, libraries are being downsized, but there are great opportunities for the information specialist who is well aware of information technologies,\" said Latham of the Special Libraries Association. \"They may not call themselves librarians now. In a way, you don\'t have to be sitting in a library any more, and actually, you have to work for every department.\"

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