Pro-filter groups plan big push


Michigan Live continues the great coverage of the filtering debate in MI here; with news of the latest push from the pro-filtering groups.

Two groups fighting for Internet filters at Herrick District Library are ready to launch a campaign blitz for the Feb. 22 ballot initiative, each using a different tactic.

The Family Research Council plans to establish a lobbying committee so the nonprofit group can openly campaign for the issue.

The American Family Association, on the other hand, is providing a sizable donation to the Holland Area Citizens Voting YES! to Protect Our Children.
The Family Research Council\'s initial foray into the issue was intended to be only an educational effort promoting the benefits of filters. But that has since been ratcheted up a notch, said Kimberley N. Fraser, vice president of the national organization\'s constituents and information services.

The move is in response to increased tensions between library officials and the Family Research Council. Fraser says she wanted to work with library officials and filter opponents but said her efforts were rejected. The filters are aimed at blocking pornography.

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