California Libraries Flooded With Lame CDs

A Hard Hitting Report from MTV on a shocking and outrageous problem that plagues California librarians: lame CDs."It's kind of a shock to see things you'd expect at a garage sale," said Steve Sloan, supervising librarian of Sunnyvale Public Library, whose shipment will include 16 copies each of Martin's Sound Loaded and Everclear's Songs From an American Movie, Vol. Two, 14 copies of Simpson's lackluster Irresistible and nine copies of Christina Aguilera's 2000 Christmas album. "It's like what you'd see if you walked into a used-CD store and went to the dollar bin. It seems like the record companies are going through their warehouses and donating what won't sell."Is ths the kind of lame music we want our children exposed to in a public library?


We recieved 417 CDs as part of the settlement. Our AGO required that the defendants in the price fixing case establish a mechanism so that we were not innundated with garbage we couldn't use.

Sure we had some duplicates, but I added at least 100 of the CDs to the collection. The rest were sold by our friends and the proceeds used to purchase other CDs to add to the collection (as required by the settlement- the sale of the CDs had to benefit the library's music collection).

So quit whinging and sell them off and buy something you want. Throw them away if you want, the libary is not required to sell them or add them. The only constraint is if they are sold what the proceeds must be used for.

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