No More Banned Books


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has this piece on a school board that decided not to ban 5 books from an advanced placement english class...if the students are provided alternatives.\"Dr. James Moore and his wife, Minnie, the parents of a former Windsor Forest High School student who now attends college, challenged the books because they contain sex, violence and profanity.\"

\"James Moore, in an Oct. 17 letter to School Board President Diane Cantor, wrote: \'\'As far as we are concerned, you are still stonewalling the concept of parental/citizen involvement. This whole process has been disgusting and demeaning. The endorsement of putting trash in the minds of children by a school system is horrifying to think of and it is dangerous to the social stability of this great country.\"

\"Last year, Moore had three of the books banned from Windsor. The ban was lifted after further scrutiny by school officials and heavy media coverage that drew hundreds of concerned citizens to a board meeting last year.\"

\"Parents have always had the option of choosing alternate books for their children, said Windsor Principal Linda Herman. The Moores and three other parents have done so, she said.\"

\"I respect the opinions of those parents who disagreed with us on this matter,\'\' Herman said in a written statement. \'\'However, I also have confidence and respect for the teachers\' judgment and ability to make appropriate decisions regarding the education of our students.\"

\"Lauren Manuel, a ninth-grader at Windsor, read \'\'The Catcher in the Rye\'\' in eighth grade and considers it her favorite book.\"

\"(Book banning) bothers me a lot . . . It\'s taking something away from the students,\'\' she said.\"

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