For Profit Library?

Questia Media is hoping to entice students to pay as much as
$360 a year for online access to searchable books and
journals. The Chronicle
has the Full
. Questia
says it will have more than 50,000 scholarly books and
journals by January, then they\'ll sell subscriptions for $20
or $30 a month, it allows the students to copy and \"paste\"
much easier.

....the service\'s search-and-copy features
respond to the way students really do their papers. \"They\'re
not reading the books,\" says Troy Williams.More from The Chronicle

As for how Questia might
affect the way students research and write, Ms. Okerson says
the service just creates a more robust approach to what many
already do now with information they locate on the Internet.
\"I keep hearing this called the \'cut-and-paste generation,\'\"
she says. \"It\'s going to be up to teachers and librarians to
keep instilling the values of teaching and research.\"

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