Controversial Utah porn, RDA bills signed into law


Ignoring threats of litigation from civil rights and free speech advocates, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. signed legislation Monday meant to protect children from Internet pornography. The Salt Lake Tribune has more. The American Civil Liberties Union and Internet industry representatives warn House Bill 260 violates the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment and the Commerce Clause.


This is going to play out in each state as elections in them draw near, entirely valueless legislation designed to put a lawmakers name in the news. A very similiar law was struck down in PA and I have no doubt it will be struck down in Utah also. On the tech side implementing this requires one of three things:1) IP-level filtering, which will block non-adult sites on the same hosting services.2) Transparent proxying, which breaks lots of things, and is relatively easy to circumvent unless even more things are broken.3) HOSTS file will have to be locally installed by the user or pushed from the ISP, which will be IP based (see 1)

Seth Finkelstein (on his invaluable Infothought weblog) points out that this wonderful piece of legislation will result in the state becoming a source for a fine, fully-vetted directory of free porn sites.

Now that's full-service government.

No, full service government is when the list becomes public and all the porn sites are easily indexable as a result :-)

Ah, but the list will be public, according to Seth's reading of the legislation... after all, good gummint has to be done in public.

Once again, I am available for job of surfing the net for porn.

Perhaps we could go one step further and catalog it. That way if someone, say, doesn't mind plain 'ol vanilla porn, but wants to block S/M porn, they can block only the porn they don't want. Sounds like a job for a librarian to me.

Or they could contract with LII ( Librarian's Index to the Internet ). That way, for those of us who are intersted (only for research purposes), could have the list as well.

If you get the job of cataloging the Web's porn, will you also be holding reference hours?

I don't see why not. I could even set it up with a 900 number.

Well, to be precise, a either a 1-613 or a 1-306 number: 1-613-dewey-xx or 1-306-OCLC-sex or 1-613-sexxy-LC. I'm sure there are other suggestions out there.

So where can I go to file a FOIA request?-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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