Contest Results: Name Ann Coulter's Next Book


A couple of creative types have entered a contest to give a title to conservative Ann Coulter's next book, with pretty good results. Here are just two of the entries:

"Help I'm Out of Liberal People, Places and Organizations to Hate" and ..."Democracy: The Liberal Plot to Feed Your Children to the Poor"

More left/right bashing from today's Washington Post .


Well, how about:

I Haven't Eaten In Ten Years And It's Never Done Me Any Harm: Liberal Lies About Hamburgers and Milk Shakes


I Hate Everybody But My Own Little Social Circle: Family Ties and Liberal Lies

By now you should realize that the words "liberal lies" needs to be in the title for it to have validation as a Certified Repository of Ann's Postulations, or CRAP for short.

Liberal Lies And Naked Thighs: Why The Right Gets More Than The Left


Left Behind: Why Liberal Lies Damn Them All To Hell

See that last title combines some of my all time favourite whacko nutcases: Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye (Left Behind), Ann Coulter (Gotta have the words "liberal lies."), and Charlton Heston (The ever popular Planet of the Apes.) It's best to keep in mind that the noises I make when I defecate are far more intelligent and better researched than an entire tome by Ann Coulter.

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