slashgirl writes "'Bugs, Daffy, Wile E. and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang are getting a makeover.

They are set to morph into futurist superheroes in Loonatics, a new television series to air in the fall of 2005.'

Looks interesting! Rest of the story here at cbc.ca/arts."


than (shudder) Baby Looney Toons. Ick!

Say what you will, I think Kojak could be a good show. Besides, I like the idea because goodness knows, Ving Rhames needs the work.

Now, if the Loonatics were to, say, violently destroy the Baby Looney Toons, I'd watch that!

"...another example of why Anime is taking over the Disney-era cartoon industry."

Them's fightin words! JLU rules!

And we can only hope it succeeds as well as the New Coke too. The whole makeover reeks of Jumping the shark and is another example of why Anime is taking over the Disney-era cartoon industry.

If the 42 year old writers were to ask 18 year olds to help them create something good, the 42 year old writers might quickly find themselves *replaced* by the 18 year olds. So the 42 year old writers instead just ask themselves, "what do I remember best about being that young?"

Answer: Kojak.

I keep wondering the same thing - there have been quite a few (craptacular) movies recently based on 70's TV shows. The creativity problem is so bad, they've run out of 'A' shows to copy, now they have to go to the 'B' list.

Case in point: USA is starting an Original Series called...'Kojak'. (What's original about it?)

Do they ask 18 -35 year old people what they want to watch on TV, and do they all say - 'Bring back Kojak!'

When the real creativity is gone for good, there's nothing left to do but extend the brand.

What if ... we made all the characters into a sports team ... and had them play against celebrities from that sport ... in OUTER SPACE!!!
What? Oh yeah, I guess we DID do that one already.

How about ... if we give them superpowers ... in THE FUTURE!!!

I expected to see it on the comic boards, I was amazed to see a piece on CBS Sunder Morning, and now on LISNews??

Let's face it, this has been a PR success on par with New Coke. More people are going to be watching this cartoon when it comes out then the Superbowl.

You have to remember that 18 year olds are not the target audience. Loonatics is for WB Kids.. the network that axed "Batman Beyond" because it was too gritty and targeted an older audience.
They are looking for a show to get back their 6-12 year old base... Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

What WB misses often is that there is a large group of 17-30 year olds that watch cartoons too that aren't druggies or retro-watchers. Justice League and the rest of the Bruce Timm WB/DC shows are an example of smart writing, great animation and brilliant style. It's not dumbed down (usually) for a younger audience, or for pot-heads. He-Man (new cartoon a few years ago) Had great animation, but the story seemed like it was written for younger children. I find it funny too that WB is given credit for the Anime it acquires the rights to show in the US. I think most of the reason those shows do so well is that even after all of the editing (sexual content, graphic violence, adult themes/situations), there's still more edge, character-development and clean animation that much of the US animation is missing. "Full Metal Alchemist", "Wolf's Rain", "Ghost in the Shell" are shown on the Adult Swim of Cartoon Network (Don't you find it funny when they talk about Cartoon Network cometing with Kids WB as if they weren't owned by the same people?). These are examples of wonderful story, characters and animation that are lacking in most of the US style of animation (Bruce Timm's series of DC shows being one amazing bright point in the limited field of american cartoon series).

But going back to Loonatics, some of "us" (older than 20 years) might remember a time when we were actually entertained by Bugs and the crew, but how much of that is real admiration, and how much of that is wishful fantasy of "a simpler time"? Was it something you busted a gut over? or was it something that ran across your TV screen while you munched down your Capn' Crunch before going to Soccer practice on Saturday Mornings? So let the kids have some fun. Don't discourage your kids from watching re-vamped icons of your childhood just because you find fault in a company trying to make some money off of a dying franchise. Old Bugs and the crew will still be around... Your kids can still eat the Honey-Nut-Cheerios and you can eat the plain.. there's plenty to go around.

-A. Dreese

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