Alaska State Library closed due to water damage

Daniel writes "Story in Juneau Empire 50210001.shtmlOfficial Department of Education & Early Development Press Release's take: We finished boxing up the collection today so the carpet could be cleaned or removed to prevent mold. The whole staff was really great and worked very well together. Pictures were floating around the office. When we get them posted somewhere, I'll post a link to them.About 10 staff have been moved to temporary workstations while not involved in recovery efforts. We'll all be displaced for awhile, but me longest of all. The water pipe burst directly above my ceiling and pretty much destroyed my office, so the asbestos abatement people say. We were EXTREMELY FORTUNATE the pipe burst at 6am and not at 11pm when the building would be empty.People who've seen my office can't decide whether "toast" or "oatmeal" best describes the damage."

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