Ten Graces for New Librarians


An oldie but a goodie, Ten Graces for New Librarians was the Commencement address at The School of Information Science and Policy, SUNY/Albany Sunday, May 19, 1996. GraceAnne DeCandido's speach should be required reading in all schools formerly known as library schools (now known as informatics, information or some such thing so long as it doesn't have the word library in it). She says join a listserv, make your education every day, Make your own luck, Find and keep and nurture your sense of humor, be , attentive, facilitative, generous, keep your life and work in balance, embrace change, Develop a strong sense of your own self-worth, Make your particular vision part of the cultural memory of librarianship, save the dangerous and silly ideas, and, of course, join LISNews should be #11, she must've forgotten.

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