The Answer Is: A Fun Way to Raise Money for The Library

At least on January 27th, Alex Trebek does not have the only trivia game in the town of Malden, Massachusetts. That evening, the Malden Public Library will hold their 7th Annual Triple Threat Trivia Contest at a nearby restaurant to raise funds for restoration of the lovely old Converse Memorial Building , built in 1885.

Teams of ten people can register by paying a fee of $250; fourteen teams have already signed up and are gearing up to prove their superior knowledge of miscellany. Story from Town On-Line.


I was a green library employee of just three weeks when I helped out last year...

Perhaps the most interesting thing is how seriously people take it. It's all in good fun, too, of course, but man, that is one coveted trophy.

Hey shoe, are you in one of the photos? Trivia Contest 2004 ? Stand up and identify yourself!

I was behind the camera most of the time... Either taking pictures, or out and out hiding from view. :)

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