NPR : The Future of Libraries in the Digital Age


Anonymous Patron writes "NPR : The Future of Libraries in the Digital Age All Things Considered, December 14, 2004 · NPR's Michele Norris talks with Carol Brey-Casiano, president of the American Library Association, about the impact of Google's plan to digitize the resources of five major libraries."


In the future librarians will not shy away from blogging or setting up personal web pages like many universities faculty. It would be good to get to know the expertise and interests of our Boston Public Librarians and the expertise and interests of other Boston librarians. Our treasured librarians expertise should be as out there as are the curatorial expertise of museums' curators. It would benefit librarians because cities' would be better persuaded to recognize librarians expertise with better remunerative programs or risk losing expert personnel to other libraries. And it would be great if BPL President Bernie Margolis would encourage librarians to publish more about the collections and related matters.