Tech Cheating Turns Professors Into Detectives

stevenj writes "Del Dingus is a CalPoly professor, but he also spends a fair amount of time trying to find out which of his students are cheating. Dingus, an earth and soil sciences professor, has caught students during a quiz using cell phones to receive text messages of answers from other students. One student turned in a paper he simply photocopied from a classmate's, Dingus said, but most who plagiarize are savvier. If you follow articles about student plagiarism, here's one worth reading. Find it at: s/10350028.htm"


"When Coastal Carolina University's Kimbel Library began keeping track of paper mills in 1999 it had a list of 35. Four years later the total was 250."

Anyone work in a library that does this? Who uses the list? The students?

"Hi there. I'm a sophomore in Prof. Allen's Communications 203 class, and I need to write a paper on Social Responsibility. Can you direct me to a good paper mill?"

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