LISNews "What Would Dewey Do?" book giveaway


If you're like me, and let's face it you should be like me, you're already a big fan of Dewey, Mel, Tamara and everyone else working down at Mallville Public. If you don't know what I'm talking about, and let's face it people rarely do, head on over to home of the best, if not the only, librarian comic strip. Bill and Gene have a nice Primer and an extensive Archive so you can get all caught up.

So my point here is not to go on and on about their comic genius and masterful drawing skills, but rather to announce a really cool LISNews giveaway. Bill and Gene have agreed to give away a book to a lucky LISNews story submitter. And Gene even offered to have Bill sketch the character of the winner's choice "(because if I did
it, the reaction would be something like, "What the hell's THAT supposed to be?"). "
Anyone who submits a story between now and next Friday will be eligible for this nifty prize that might make it to you by Christmas.
Check out the Online Store for the What Would Dewey Do? book, and other swell Overdue Media stuff.
And no, I haven't given away the Lipstick Librarian Shirts, and yes Bookmarks Magazine will be coming up soon. So keep submitting those stories!

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