Reversal of Fortune On the Way for Seattle Bookmobile?


LISNews reporter Rochelle informed us back in September about funds being cut for the Seattle PL, including the bookmobile . City residents complained bitterly about this, and a Seattle journalist, Robert L. Jamieson Jr. mentioned it in his column.

Now it looks as if the Mayor is proposing a restoration of funds for the bookmobile...see paragraph nine (Council action...) in this article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Although the City Council hasn't yet voted funding back to the bookmobile program, it is on the agenda for later this week.


Thanks for this follow-up, birdie. I'm glad to know that things are looking more up beat for the Bookmobile! To my way of thinking a "bookmobile" is probably worth a whole lot more to the people it potentially visits and lends to than a number of other things on that buget list.

I think one of the reasons this whole story appeals to me so much is because I imagine the bookmobile to be along the lines of The Magic School Bus - carrying its patrons off to all sorts of surprising and unheard of places...via books, of course!

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