A New Kind of Illiteracy


MSNBC has a Story on a report from The Gartner Group on the digital divide. They say that 75 percent of U.S. households would be linked to the Internet by 2005, up from 50 percent today. That\'s the good news. The bad news is millions will not be \"Wired\". I\'m not sure if they took into account your friendly neighborhood library.

\"The fate of the 50 million adults who will suddenly find themselves functionally \'illiterate\' in the new economy is an issue of profound importance,\" More from MSNBC

This “digital divide” — uneven distribution of Internet access — meant that large parts of the U.S. population were in danger of being left behind economically and socially, the 56-page report said.

“As more and more of the Internet haves harness the technology to gain better jobs, more educational opportunity and potentially an improved lifestyle, they become far better equipped to elevate themselves than those without Internet access or the ability to maximize its potential,” it said.

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