Read books, get oral sex?


infodiva writes "Reuters reports on a reading campaign advertised on NYC buses that weren't evaluated by any "street smart" factcheckers.

The originators of the "Read Books, Get Brain" campaign, a clothing company, meant for the slogan to get attention.

The full story is available at:
Read a Book, Get Oral Sex?"


Even though I am the youngest librarian here, it's always good to know that I have no idea what these kids are talking about half the time. Seriously, if I said "read books, get brain" to the students here, that's what they think I meant? These kids today, with their slang, and their skateboards, and whatever else they have that I don't get...


Wait a minute...I thought I was the youngest one here :-)

Next thing you know, "Got Milk" will be a wirty dird.

well, i guess "brain" is kind of synonymous with, um, "head", and, well...

i can't finish that sentence. i'm sorry.

Geez, girl, that's a really nice offer, but wouldn't I have to stop reading? . .

Well, now, Bill Clinton managed to multi-task in such situations.

I bring a book with me everywhere I go and I've never had some strange chick walk up to me and offer me a brain, but now I'm wondering: How should I handle the situation?

Geez, girl, that's a really nice offer, but wouldn't I have to stop reading? . . .

Just mothball the posters for a month or two. Pretty soon that phrase will have as much urban cultural value as any of:
fresh, proper, represent, perpetrate, wil' wil' west, bling bling, fly, wilin', just buggin', chilly-chill, whickety-whack, biggedy-bomb, gettin' jiggy, word up, in the house, throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like ya just don't care, rope-a-dope, dooky, you be illin', whoot! der it is, who let tha dogs out, mack-daddy, who's tha man, not!, don't have a cow man, frontin' on my brufus ....(Okay, I made that last one up.)
Which is to say, none, any more.

Leaf lettuce has a longer shelf-life than large portions of urban or youth culture vocabulary.

Brain? Who listens to these kids, and better yet why the heck do they even know about that much less discuss it and devalue the lexicographically delightful words we, their elders, have already come up with for it.

Brain, geez stupid kids.

Hachee-machee! And I don't mean that in a good way.

I've always found reading to be kinda sexy, but not in the manner that this poster hints at. It's a little crass for my taste. Add a dress on the poor girl and we might have the beginning of something.

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