Scientists, Consider Where You Publish

An Anonymous Patron writes "Scientists, Consider Where You Publish: For scientists, publishing a paper in a
respected peer-reviewed journal marks the
culmination of successful research. But
some of the most prestigious and sought after
journals are so costly to access that a
growing number of academic libraries can't
afford to subscribe. Before submitting your
next manuscript, consider a journal's
access policy alongside its prestige - and
weigh the implications of publishing in
such costly periodicals."


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But will they really?

Having just had the joy of going through a workshop for preparing a tenure application, I wonder whether those in academia will really think about the costs of publication when they have the more immediate concern of getting tenure. Those expensive journals look a lot better on your application. The article points this out, but basically just tells scientists to put the well being of the community over their own needs. It's a nice thought, but I don't think it would actually happen.

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