Measuring electronic resource use and the network


Marcia Geyer writes \"I am seeking information (and willing to share what I receive so we\'ll all be better aware). The subject of my inquiry is, what are other academic libraries or the university I.T. staffs that support them doing to measure utilization of their local LAN and licensed gateway resources? I\'d like to establish contact with anyone who is doing measurement of either the information resources being used or the server and library\'s network resources being \"spent\" to support the information retrieval through the library -- even better, any attempts to correlate information access and resources used to facilitate it.

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It is a measurement type question, or set of questions. The same data can be employed to plan for growth, report to the university hierarchy and/or seek funding from grants and the university for new initiatives, and forestall or fix bottlenecks that slow down user response time. The business world, especially e-commerce, is doing measurement for capacity planning, performance tuning, and web site utilization reporting. Is there an equivalent effort at universities already, and if so who, where, how, and can they be contacted for advice and/or have they published anything? Network measurement is difficult, very techie stuff, but I think essential to electronic collection management, as opposed to just the collection development component of collection management. I am very interested in getting a handle on the \"state of the art\" wherever it is being atempted.

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