Librarian Strikes it Rich

Miami Beach (FL)School librarian Sandra Maurice is a multi-millionaire. No, not by virtue of a payraise, but from buying a winning lotto ticket.

Story from the AP .


that would be 'former' school librarian...

Can't be any more difficult than patrons.
Mmmmm....tastes like patron.

I just hope she has an LISNews account and wants to help pay for the server!

Are you sure about the chickens?

I was being interviewed by a local radio host about being a librarian--giving the usual, "I love my job" spiel because, well, I love my job. It was all very heartwarming until the end when he asked "So, Rochelle, if you won the lottery, would you still keep your job?" I was supposed to gush, "Gosh, yes," but instead said, "Hell no, are you nuts?" He laughed, turned off the recorder, and said he'd afraid he wouldn't be able to use the interview.

I would fund an endowment for the library, but give up my day job to retire to the country where I'd raise chickens and write my memoirs.

I'd be one of those people who wouldn't quit my job even if I won millions in the lotto. I've worked too damn hard on my education, continuing my education, and working on my career to just up and quit because I won a ton of cash. Of course, it would take care of student loans.

I'd probably wind up donating a bunch of it to the library, but not for the reasons you're thinking. No it's not through a sense of civic mindedness that I'd donate a few thousand. I'd give to IT and then maybe, just maybe, they can finally replace that $%#^&! server in the back which seems to crash once a week. So you see, I'd be benefiting more than most patrons!

Of course I'd buy a honking big computer for myself too. Ah hell, who am I kidding. I'd probably by three honking big computers. Can you say LAN party? I know I can. lotto ticket on the way home from work. Luck must be on our side!

humor Walt, humor...

no, for $315,000 I couldn't retire, at least not in MA, up in Aroostook County, ME I probably could. No Internet, no luxuries, just read library books and grow a vegetable garden.

Hmm. Now that I reread the story, she's one of more than ten people splitting the pot. I sure wouldn't retire with only $315,000 in hand; would you?

Not necessarily. The article certainly doesn't say that she's quit her job, and there have been quite a few lotto winners around the country who enjoy what they do for a living, and keep on doing it despite $millions in winnings. (Seems to me that one study of California winners indicated that better than half of them had kept on working.)

Unless there was some other article in addition to the AP piece?

She's "only" making aroudn 300,000, since I think ten other people bought into this also. So she probably will stay on the job. At the very least, she can have a nice vacation :>

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