Arrests in library thefts won't happen

Anonymous Patron writes " Arrests in library thefts won't happen : Thieves have stolen more than $72,000 from the Fort Worth Public Library, but sloppy internal accounting procedures have made it impossible for police to make an arrest.

Police detectives narrowed the list of suspects to two people but couldn't prove a case because of poor record-keeping and other issues at the library, said Sgt. Rene Kamper of the major case unit.

"The big issue is that there were many problems," Kamper said."


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worth registering

It's worth registering to read this article. It's a cautionary tale about what the library did wrong (re: safe deposit boxes and money transfer and so on), and I suspect it's one that many libraries can learn from.

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For whatever reason, at least for me, at least right now, I can get to the story from Google News, follow the link from the google news search reasult, and it doesn't ask you to register.I've noticed that before with other sites as well.

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Great tip!

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Didn't work for me :

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Nor does it work for me now either, it did for a little while there at least.

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