ACLU Challenges Hawaii's Squatters Law


Fang-Face writes " The ACLU is challenging Act 50, Hawaii's squatter law, because it was used to banish a homosexual from the library.
Honolulu Adviser has the story at their site, and the
ACLU's take on the case is here at their site. There's an AP article about this affair is at the Star Bulletin.

Why was was this [edited--see below] [person] banned from the library? For looking at "evil porn"? Maybe. If you define pornography as "men with their shirts off"."

update 9/13 by rh: The story, which I posted, has been edited after the fact, after reflecting on comments submitted by Bibliofuture (and noticing that I missed typos). I have no excuse, besides careless reading and thoughtlessness. I fully expect to be hauled in front of LISNews court as a censor, now.


The posting by Fang is flamebait. I would moderate it as such but cannot because that option does not exists. Good job Rochelle for posting a flamebait story. What makes it flamebait?
hapless fag
ultra-conservatives to cackle over
How about a discussion of this law on its merits? It looks to me that this law could be easily argued against but Fang is not interested in producing debate but it starting an argument. That is flamebait and Rochelle should remove the story or at least repost it without the flamebait portions.

So the rent-a-cop threw out the gay guy for looking at ( OK I looked at the first page and clicked the first link to see if it had disgusting perverts pictured on it. Not as far as I can tell. Not my cup of tea but not obscene after my cursory examination.)

I'm not certain it makes the squatters law unconstutional because I don't think the squatters law (although lexis says ACT 50 is about reverse mortgages) applies. It seems like contesting the speed limit because you got a parking ticket.

That said the patron ejected should simply call the librarian and ask if he is really banned from the library. I bet the librarian would say no, if what is reported in the article is true.

It seems more like a dating and hotel site than anything else. If I can look for dates and hotels online I think everyone else should be able to do the same thing, gay, straight, vegetable or mineral.

To apply for a job as a librarian in Hawaii you have to live there. Very can't apply and move there you have to be there to apply. The pay sucks too. You think a place with a cost of living ~160% of the national average would have salaries above ~30K.

Probably because he's been pointing out the fact that there are plenty of editorial comments in the comments and they are freely moderated as such. When the editorial comments show up in the original article posting where they can't be moderated and especially when they are the special 'Fang Flambe' kind, it seems a bit much.

This is also a good way to get yourself ignored

Do tell? If that is the case then why are you still expending time and energy keeping this issue alive?

And to borrow a quote: Any tool can be used as a weapon if you hold it right.

Don't remember who said it at the moment.

You didn't have a hammer out, you had a flamethrower. Words may be tools but you have been using them as weapons around LISNEWS.

From one of Fang's responses to Rochelle The deal is that I told the cold, hard truth and I was rude with it. The deal is that there is often no better way to express one's contempt.
This is also a good way to get yourself ignored because you are unable to engage in rational discussion.

One of the hazards of being a writer. Words are our tools, and sometimes we use a bigger hammer than is strictly called for. :-)

I totally understood and appreciated the post--just surprised at the "fag" comment after it was pointed out. But, I think I understand what you were trying to do, rhetorically. Maybe not so well executed, but I think I get it.

Fang...what's the deal?

The deal is that this is the sort of "America" that is your future. Ultra-conservatives who freak out at the sight of bare female breasts have now found an excuse to freak out over a bare male chest. I wonder how long it will be before men as well as women have to wear the burqha.

Look to the lessons of Aesop's Fables, Rochelle: Any excuse will do for a tyrant. The bullying minions of the Almighty State of Hawaii now have a law by which they can ban fags and lezzies from any and all public places, and any stupid excuse will do.

Seig Heil.

The Bush government is attempting to write misohomonist discrimination into the constitution.

Seig Heil.

You'd think that a Bill of Rights would keep this kind of crap from happening in the first place instead of having to be used as a tool to fix breaks in the system after the fact. You'd think people might start to get it after a couple of centuries.

Dreck. Some days I don't know why I get out of bed.

The deal is that I told the cold, hard truth and I was rude with it. The deal is that there is often no better way to express one's contempt.

Sorry about that. Was posting on autopilot with a sinus infection. Fang...what's the deal?

I am not reading your stuff. I only read some things this time because of my post objecting to the language in the actual story, as compared to the comments. Most of the time you are ranting like a lunatic and I don't read your rantings. First time I hit the work fag, lezzies, seig heil, I stop reading.

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