Presidential Libraries...Come One, Come All

This AP article gives us a bit of perspective on the operations of the eleven (and soon to be twelve) Presidential Libraries, and how things are faring for them.

Reporter Andrea Almond tells us, "Although Reagan's death has led to a surge in visitors to the library, attendance at the nation's presidential libraries during the last five years has declined about 13 percent. To reverse the trend, libraries are adding attractions, turning to more aggressive marketing tactics, and leaning on nearby tourist attractions to promote themselves."

The article goes on to tell us about the soon to be open Clinton Library, which includes exhibits on White House pets - cat Socks and dog Buddy, and includes a display of Mickey Mantle's rookie baseball card, which was a gift for the president.
At least one of the exhibits deals with the President's impeachment.

Sharon Fawcett, deputy assistant archivist for the National Archives and Records Administration says on the subject of Presidential Libraries:
"People want to know about their presidents, and these libraries offer that opportunity. It's a challenge for all libraries and museums, not just presidential ones, to draw young visitors when competing with the Disneylands and other amusements."

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