Quotes from Lewd Libraries


Dr. Laura’s big “LEWD LIBRARIES” show is over. Both sides made some good points, but there was not much new offered, and it was rather boring as far as talk shows go. I pulled out some quotes from both sides, for those of you who can’t or won’t watch the show. I was supreised The ALA declined to go on the show.

Dr. Laura-“I would be first online with the sign to oppose censorship in the library ”Seen during the opening credit:
Love - Tolerance -Trust - Do the right thing

The kid they used to go in the library and look at porn does not have a filter at home on her parents computer.
Is that ironic?

15 Year old Stacy Wells.
While looking at the porn in the library:
“Oh my god, i can’t believe you can just do this”

Quotes from those on the Pro-Filtering Side
Chief John Doyle
I can assure you when our forefathers wrote the constitution never thought about cyber sex. if they would\'ve they would have put some kind of responsibility into it.
it’s all about responsibility.
It’s common sense, we need filters.
The tax payers are paying for people t go in and access pornography.

Heidi Borton [librarian who quit her job over filtering]
This is the best thing that has happened to pornographers, getting 12-17 year old boys in there and getting them hooked on this stuff.

Our tax money pays for the libraries, we need to trust they are safe there.
Maybe we need independent libraries.
I know a story about a boy who was checking out books about suicide and he killed himself, because the library couldn’t tell the parents.

Quotes from those against the filters-
Bob Willard
This filtering is not a human being
We don’t want to limit the good, because of the bad.
I don’t want a single incident to restrict or freedoms.

Sally Mann Romano
You can’t be certain your values are shared by the companies making the filtering software.

Michael Wessells.[Librarian and minister]
Kids that read succeed, porn is a very poor choice for reading the poor choice is not the same as no choice, I want to make sure that there are good choices in the library.
While they are working hard on what not should be in the library, I want to be sure what is in the library.

Dr. Laura Herself.
I admit it, I’m computer stupid. [First thing said on the show]

It’s really frightening just how easy anyone can get to these sites.
[on what libraries make available to kids]-Sexually explicit books, R-Rated films and an Un Censored internet.

This is like a stealth activity

The technology it’s self has a kind of an innocence to it.

It’s like having kids in an adult book store.

In how many realms do we allow children free access to porn, and thinks that’s a good idea.

I can’t see what’s intellectual about porn.

You as a mother would abridge what your kids see, why not in the library? [on the ALA bill of rights]

We adults are responsible for the sins of the children.

The ALA thinks its important for children to access the things we are told spiritually to avoid.

to me this is part of a big design to put a wedge between parents and children as if parents were a threat were a danger to children. [On not being able to see children\'s circulation records]

Keep in mind, some of these are just paraphrased, don\'t quote me on any of these! I may have made a few mistakes, as I am prone to do, if you want to know exactly what was said, watch the show. I did my best to be accurate and fair to both sides.

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