Update from Holland, MI


Slashdot has an Update and report from Hollan, MI on the big fitlering fight. They went to the Holland library\'s open board meeting on Tuesday night; and the report is Here. It\'s worth the read, for both sides of the issue

\"The latest issue of the American Family Association Journal has an article titled \"Low percentage of Christians using Internet filtering shows ignorance of the dangers.\" They claim that \"Seven out of 10 Christians have Internet access -- but only one out of 10 has filtered Internet access.\" Holland Sentinel also has a story on this topic.

\"\"I don\'t think anybody here expects a perfect system, but we can take a shot,\" said Irv Bos, a member of the Holland chapter of the American Family Association and one of the leaders of the drive to require filters at the library that was rejected by Holland city voters in February.

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