Presidential Libraries Compete for Visitors in a Theme-park World

Across the country, presidential libraries are looking for ways to raise their profiles. It's a challenge for all libraries and museums, not just presidential ones, to draw young visitors when competing with the Disneylands and other amusements. Some of the strategies for drawing visitors include rotating exhibits regularly, hosting speakers and educational series, offering school tours and adding attractions that appeal to all generations. Read More. [requires registration]


I was surpirsed there was no mention of the Truman mueseum. I started my web career as an intern on Project WhistleStop, the online education wing of the Truman. They recently had a refit of their physical tourist area done by the compnay that did the holocaust museum resulting in a very cool multimedia,(including a mock berlin airlift, Truman's original full-size Chrysler touring cars , and an eternal flame in the courtyard).

They also do a nice instruciton program where "students take on the roles of actual presidential advisors, recommending a course of action on a critical issue from the Truman Presidency." The downstairs area is a fairly exact replica of the whitehouse rooms, and is kind of constructivist time capsule.

Here's the museum earl if you want to look around....

Sorry to go on, just kind of wondering why a museum with all these tanglible qualities was not repped?!

Sean C

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