Gone without a sound


Story from North Dakota that ends the trouble they were having with the library director in Fargo. He quit, but they gave hime quite the golden parachute – $62,244 – including health insurance and retirement benefits, plus $10,000 in attorney fees and $6,000 in relocation expenses.

\"“It’s with regret that a qualified librarian and a good man’s reputation has been damaged here, but it’s important for us to grow and move on as a board.” said Library Board President Virginia Dambach.

The comment drew a few quiet, sarcastic remarks from some people attending the meeting, many of whom were past and present employees of the library.

Now they are thinking the next director should Not be a librarian.
Pitts said she would like to see the “clumsy relationship between the city and Library Board” resolved before another director is hired.

Dambach said “It’s occurred to me we may not want a librarian, but a manager with (human relations) skills.”

Apparently librarians do not have \"human relations skills\"?

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