The World Wide Web at 15


An Anonymous Patron writes to tell us of this story from Yahoo! News

"From humble beginnings as a WYSIWYG hypertext browser/editor that ran in the NextStep environment, the WWW has changed the world. From a browser today, almost anyone can access nearly any place on the planet, unencumbered by time, space or tariffs."


Just finished reading Small Pieces Loosely Joined by David Weinberger, which is in keeping with this article in scope and spirit.

Cute book, makes one hopeful about the web and its effect on humanity...

The internet is definitely the most important technology for global communication and knowledge exchange in the last third of the 20th century and Tim Berners-Lee is certainly the worthy recipient of the Millenium Technology Prize...but it's also good to remember the communications networks like BITNET and Gopher from Minnesota which created a structure for finding information before the WWW existed.The internet has revolutionized our work...and we are the masters of finding information by using it.

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