Library rejects claim of neglect in poor areas

An Anonymous Patron writes "A Follow Up on that education advocacy group tgat claims the Denver Public Library keeps branches open fewer hours in low-income neighborhoods. The library's top executive rebutted that claim Tuesday.

The recent analysis by Metro Organizations for People failed to account for outreach services, bookmobiles and the central library, Rick Ashton, the library's head librarian, told the City Council's Public Amenities Committee."


This article leaves out information. There are many reasons that branches are open less hours and they don't have to have a tinge of discrimination.Did anyone consider the library in general. Perhaps the traffic is a factor in curtailing hours. If the traffic was very sparse and the branch was still open close to 30 hours a week, it hardly makes a case for showing bias. The article only talks about outreach services outside of the branch. What programs are currently running in the branch.

As far as priorities this has not been proven to be a priority bias from the article. In Philadelphia, the Free Library is remodeling the central branch using an upscale architect while the branches have no money to by books. Why are there no education advocacy groups protesting. I think this story is an example of the press trying to portray discrimination. Until there are more facts the jury is out.

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