Largest book reviewed in detail


nbruce writes "Finding a copy and then reviewing it, was no small task for Laurence Wieder of Books and Culture, who reviewed Bhutan:

“My appointment to look at Bhutan also gave the [LC] Prints and Photography Division staff their first opportunity to go through the book. They pushed several library tables together against an outside wall of the reading room to make a raised platform for turning the pages. The book was cradled by foam bolsters to ease pressure on the spine when it lay open. A step-stool helped elevate me above the viewing surface, although probably not far enough to attain the right aesthetic distance from the page. The custom easel hadn't been unpacked yet. The blinds were drawn to cut down glare. I borrowed a loupe, to inspect the prints' dot structure.�"


...and yet many cities' public libraries do not allow civic access to their very own public documents.Even librarians, other library workers and cities' public libraries unions collective bargaining labor relations advocates have been kept from access contrary to library, archives and record management professional societies principles.

You're not fooling anyone by posting anonymously, Don. We know it's you.

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