Toy library in Hyderabad, India

Anonymous Patron shares this news item from, "Naughty children in Hyderabad, India, now do not pester their parents for the latest toys in the market. They can play with them in a nearby library, which is providing toys to them. Brainchild of Panna Mehta, an ordinary housewife, this extraordinary idea has come as a boon for not only children, but also for the parents. Mehta thought of this idea when she realised that parents had to spend a huge sum of money almost every month to meet the demands of their children for the latest toys."

I wonder if this could translate to United States public libraries?


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Might be hard to find funding...

...but at least there are no copyright issues.

toy libraries

Don't you have toy libraries in the US?

They're pretty commonplace in the UK- sometimes in conjunction with 'Read to your child' type schemes as part of overall child development programmes.

Re:toy libraries

There is one in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, at the Heights Parents Center. The link is
I'm sure there must be others - I just happen to know about this one from a friend whose kids used it. Always thought it was a great idea..

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