Fargo library director talks about his behavior

In-Forum.com has an Interview with Fargo Public Library Director
Dave Davis. If you haven\'t heard the full story, they also
have a summary that will bring you up to speed.

\"During a library meeting March 1, Davis told
employee Cynthia Wray, who was eight-months
pregnant: “I just can’t stand looking at you ... with your
hands like that you look like you’re stuffed.” He then
turned his back on her. Davis later apologized after
being told to do so. \"

In the interview he
says:Has it been difficult for you to
communicate with the employees?

\"Not to my knowledge it hasn’t. It’s show time. My
mother raised me to be a gentleman … and my wife
expects me to be a gentleman, too. Besides, I’ve found
in life I don’t hold grudges. That’s just not a Dave Davis
personality. \"More from In-Forum
A consultant was then hired to assess library
operations under Davis. In a July report, the consultant
said Davis needs to improve poor management and
communication skills and be held accountable for his
work at the library, if he stays on the job.
The consultant’s report was much different than the
annual evaluation given Davis by two top Library Board
members, who in the spring said he was performing
satisfactorily, although he should stop his poor
attempts at humor.
The Fargo city attorney issued an opinion that the
remarks by Davis did not constitute sexual harassment.
And there apparently are no grounds for his dismissal;
Davis’ employment is subject to Civil Service
During the summer, Schneider and the city talked about
terms of a buyout that would allow Davis to resign.
The latest proposal on the table, reported in Saturday’s
Forum, was made by Schneider. The city has until noon
Tuesday to respond to it.
Under the terms of that proposal, Davis would receive
one year’s pay. If he tried and failed to find a suitable
job as a managing librarian and couldn’t, he would
continue to be paid for up to one additional year in
addition to the terms of his original offer, which said:
- The city would have to pay about $10,000 in attorney
- The city would be responsible for $6,000 in relocation
- Davis would get two years of health and retirement
benefits from the city.
- Mayor Bruce Furness would be required to send an
open letter to The Forum that points to Davis’ annual
evaluation as being generally positive and that the city
had no cause to fire him. The letter would state that the
resignation was in the library’s best interest, given the

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