American Library Association and Borders Form Partnership


News That The American Library Association (ALA) will work with Borders Group to kick off summer reading during the Borders Summer Reading Benefit Weekend, June 4-6.

During the benefit weekend, Borders will offer a discount to ALA members and library staff and users of 10 percent off their total purchases. To qualify for this discount, individuals must present a copy of the coupon found online at Borders will donate a portion of these sales to support ALA's library advocacy efforts.


And Philip Morris doesn't really want us to smoke either.

High schools and colleges are already having a tough time convincing students that doing "research" at Borders (often without buying anything there but a cup of coffee), probably doesn't go far enough.
Borders and ALA are blurring the lines of these for-profit, non-profit ventures. Perhaps to the detriment of both.

I never understood how people can study or research in Borders or Starbucks or any coffee shop or bookstore.

The coffee shops have Internet access, and the bookstores have well books, but it seems that this is only scratching the surface. Don't people research things using serials, and authoratative sources anymore? My local B&N (which I seldom use because the nice folks at Inkwood books can get me anything I need) really lacks a well developed reference collection, and I don't see any journal holdings.

I guess these are high school students and undergraduates, but if the work is that cursory they could simply stay home and read their textbook. I should probably teach highschool or undergraduate nursing students, I would not be too popular because I would require substantive work.

Heck I am no genius, but it seems to me that college is much easier now that it was in the mid 80's when I was an undergrad. I don't think I learned that much in the interim. People in my MLIS classes were bitching about APA formatting on papers, they were even more upset when I let on that it was more than citations, it was a comprehensive format for the entire paper. ( I never was a fan of group projects.)

Wow, this wandered off topic, I'm going to take a nap.

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