World's largest book donated to national library

Anonymous Patron writes sent over A Short Article that includes a photo of a copy of the world’s largest book - “Bhutan: A visual odyssey across the last Himalayan kingdom�- that was donated to the national library by the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) scientist Michael Hawley.
The photo book is five feet (1.52 metres) high, seven feet (2.13 metres) wide and weighs 60.32 kilogrammes. It is priced at US $ 10,000 a copy. The funds raised from the sale of the book will be donated to the education ministry.


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Neat book

I was lucky enough to see this book in person when I took a tour of the bindery. Well, I saw parts of the book all spread out. It's gorgeous.

We'd need a big old folio shelf for that book, though.

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