Florida Librarians win Filter Fight


Kathleen McCook writes Tampa Tribune has a story which states, "A bill requiring Internet filtering software on public library computers died last week in the Florida Legislature for the third year."
"(T)he Legislative Committee of the Florida Library Association ... opposes mandatory Internet filtering so local communities can set their own policies within their own budgets."

In the meantime, "(A) Jacksonville Republican said he will continue pushing the bill ``because some [Florida] counties in the South, as usual, don't want to comply'' with the U.S. Child Internet Protection Act. It requires public libraries that accept federal money to install Internet filters."


Well not so much won the filter fight but the result is the same.

Florida legislators talk up their grandiose plans and most of them never get very far. Although this session the legislature did repeal the gas tax by 10 cents for a month. The average savings should be about seven bucks per adult in Florida. Yipee. Of course it will cost the state millions in revenue and they already can't pay for some of the things they have passed.

So won may not be the operative term here, perhaps reveled in the stupidity of legislators, yes thankfully Florida librarians can rest easy for another year because the filter companies lobbyists were not very good. Nothing gets passed in the Florida legislature other than feel good laws without being written by some lobbyist group. It is so obvious it makes me ill.

Perhaps next year the filtering companies' lobbyists and the legislators can work together and pass this unneeded legislation.

It almost renews your faith in government when nonsense doesn't get passed, too bad it is not pervasive.

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