Harry Potter Coming to Life


Never heard of Daniel Radcliffe? Well, you can now call him Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe, an 11-year-old British boy has been chosen by Warner Bros to play Harry in the upcoming movie. There will be other people in the movie, but no one seems to care. Bookwire has the Full Story.In a somewhat related Story from Salon, people are divided over what Harry has done to the NY Times best seller list.

\"\"It\'s been a long time coming,\" remarks Joanna Cotler, publisher of Joanna Cotler Books at HarperCollins Children\'s, \"and I\'m thrilled that Harry Potter is what finally pushed them into it. I\'ve always looked at the New York Times\' bestseller list as wonderful free advertising. Now children\'s books get it, too.\"

I seem to recall a story that said the publisher is fighting this, but now I can\'t find it.

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