Thumbs up for library fingerprint scheme

The Office of the Commissioner for Children, down in New Zeland, has belatedly approved a fingerprinting system for school library borrowing.Librarians hail it as highly efficient but Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro last month said it was "over the top". She was concerned children were being linked with technology used for criminals.

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This is a great way to simplify self checkout in libraries. It is only the historical association of fingerprinting and criminality that has set back this useful and easy to use biometric. Think of all the money bein spent to build and manage password schemes that could be avoided. It fits well with libraries because the value of the item is not so high that someone will cut your finger off to pose as you and for children it just makes sense that they don't have to type in stuff etc.

Hats off to the Kiwis for a good idea and hopefully this begins a clearer and unemotional examination of the use of digital fingerprint technology to libraries in the US.

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